Gable 40 High Peak

Gable 40 High Peak

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Made in America with American steel - and backed by a 20 year guarantee.

Features and Benefits

  • Designed for quick and easy construction
  • All kits are 20 feet length and attach to two shipping container
  • Length is infinitely scalable by adding additional containers and kits
  • Can be disassembled, transported and re-assembled
  • Roof attaches to container pin points for a secure connection
  • Require no footings or approval in most cases
  • Rated for 115 mph winds, and 75 pounds/square foot snow load
  • Higher wind and snow ratings can be requested for specific projects
  • Standard acrylic galvalume finish or choice of 14 paint colors for roof, trim and gutters


  • Vehicle and equipment storage
  • Workshop and maintenance space
  • Agricultural
  • Turnkey mobile medical clinics
  • Complete kitchen and dining facilities
  • Custom storage and maintenance
  • Vehicle checkpoints

Available Colors

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