What sizes do the kits come in? 
Our standard models provide 20’ and 40’ space between the containers (inside edges).
All kits are 20’ long and multiple kits can be connected end-to-end.

What do the measurements refer to? 
The width is the total span across which is from container to container.

The length refers to the measurement along the containers and along the roof ridgeline.

How large of a span can the kits have? 
40’ maximum space between the containers.

What are the peak heights of your kits? 
Refer to our elevation kits for exact measurements

What are the slopes of your kits? 
The GB36 and GB56 gable have an approximate 2.5/12 pitch and 12-degree slope.
The GM20 gambrel has a 5/12 pitch and 23-degree slope on the upper section and 7/12, 30 degree on the lower section.
The GM40 gambrel has an approximate 4/12 pitch and 17-degree upper section and a 7/12, 30 degree lower section.
The GB5630 has a 7/12 pitch and 30-degree slope.

Can I use multiple kits in a row to create a longer space? 
Yes. You may connect as many kits end-to-end as you like. There won’t be any gaps between the kits. 
For example, You will need two kits which are 20’ long each for 40’ containers.

How do the kits connect to the containers? 
We use our own bracket system to lock them into the container corner pinpoint holes. No welding is required.

What are the wind and snow load ratings? 
The kits come in a variety of rating options.
Specific designs can be viewed by following the online step-by-step quoting/ordering process.

Are the parts weather-resistant? 
Yes. All parts are ready to be used outdoors and weather resistant.

Are all necessary parts provided in the kits? 
Yes. All parts needed to construct your kit and connect it to the containers will be included.

Can we add lights to the roof?
Yes, the purlins are steel and can accept steel fasteners to mount your lights.

Do the containers need to be on a concrete slab?
No, however, it is a requirement that your containers be orientated in a way that they are square, plumb, and level in relation to each other. This will ensure your roof kit goes up easily and safely.

Are your instructions provided? 
Yes. Instruction manuals and diagrams are provided after an order is placed.

What types of equipment could be used to construct a kit? 
Lifting equipment (i.e., bucket lift, forklift), scaffolding, and ladders.

How long does it take to construct a kit? 
The time varies depending on the quantity, type of kits, experience, weather, installation location, and equipment.
An average for a single, small kit is one workday.

Can your kits be disassembled, moved, and re-assembled? 
Yes. They are designed with this in mind.

Do you assemble/construct kits? 
No, we are not involved in the assembly of the kits. They’re intended to be a self-assembled kit for the end-user.

Can you help me get building approval/permitting? 
We cannot acquire permits on your behalf. We can provide information to an engineer or building department on your behalf after an order is placed.

What is your return policy? 
We do not accept returns due to the custom nature of our products. We’ll do everything necessary to make your kits usable as intended should there be any problem.

How are the kits packed and shipped? 
The large and small, structure parts are packed in bundles and shipped by a 53’ flatbed truck. 

Can I pick up the roof kits from your facility?
At this time, we do not offer a “Will Call” Service.”
Due to the heavy-duty nature of the kit, it is best to leave the logistics to the professionals.

Will the freight company unload the shipment? 
No. The drivers will not unload any orders. It’s the customer’s responsibility to unload their shipments.

How do I place an order? 
Orders can be placed on our website. Feel free to reach out to your salesman for confirmation on placing your order. 

Are they returnable? 
All orders are made to order and non-returnable nor are we able to cancel orders once placed.