Shipping Container Roof Kits

Made in America with American Steel

Our kits are designed for quick and easy construction. These kits can be disassembled, transported and re-assembled, and are infinitely scalable. The roof attaches to container pin points for a secure connection, and in most cases require no footings or approval. Several different models are available.

Current Lead Times: 8-10 weeks

Frequently Asked Questions

What sizes are available?

Our standard models provide 20’ and 40’ space between the containers (inside edges). All kits are 20’ long and multiple kits can be connected end-to-end.

Can I use multiple kits in a row to create a longer space?

Yes. You may connect as many kits end-to-end as you like. There won’t be any gaps between the kits. For example: You will need two kits which are 20’ long each for 40’ containers.

How long does it take to construct a kit?

The time varies depending on the quantity, type of kits, experience, weather, install location and equipment. An average for a single, small kit is one work day.

How do the kits connect to the containers?

We use our own bracket system to lock them into the container corner pin point holes. No welding is required.

FAQ (continued)

Container Roof kit types


Gable roofs have two sloping sides that attach to the containers and meet at a center point above the space between the containers. It is the more economical of the two roof types we offer.


Gambrel roofs have four sloping sections on the roof, and are commonly known as a "barn style" roof. When more overhead storage space is needed, it might be the best option.

Color Options